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Done. --Holder (обсуждение) 09:51, 25 юнь 2016 (YEKT)
Thanks a lot. Служебная:Список_файлов/Enye_Lav - all(?) without license. The landscape photographs could not be allowed under an EDP. But there is no EDP anyway so every photograph without license in this list: Служебная:Список_файлов must be deleted. Maps can stay until their origin is checked, some seem to be based on GFDL maps in Commons and are themselves GFDL. I will add the tags later. 14:37, 29 юнь 2016 (YEKT)
Done. All files deleted. --Holder (обсуждение) 13:04, 30 юнь 2016 (YEKT)