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Thank you for your wondeful edits (against those stupid articles with mixed alphabets ; see e. g. here…) ! Can you now add the Delete template {{Db}} in those wrong categories with Latin « ö » and « i » in their name ? (I think it's useless to add first a redirection to the right category, since you have copied them with their iw links.)

Thanks in advance,

Budelberger 00:02, 28 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ).

Bonjour. There is another problem: sometimes latin 'c' is in place of cyrillic 'с' (for example, Категория:Лыддьӧсcэc). It is necessary to check every entries and make replacements. Later I'll start an automatical replacement, but sometimes it mistakes, so I will not start it on templates. If you want, you can check it manually. --Emaus 23:01, 28 нояб 2010 (YEKT)
How stupid they are ! --Budelberger 01:55, 29 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ). (I'm checking all templates.) (Thanks for your wonderful job ; kv.Wikipidia is worse…)
Or « p » and « р » (e. g. here) ! --Budelberger 08:15, 29 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ).

Bonjour! Je comprends que les lettres latines dans le texte cyrillique ce n'est pas très beau. Mais le problème ici est le suivant. The cyrillic letters i and ö are not be seen on the average PC in the Region Perm. Their replacement in the future is inevitable, but now it will lead to a full desorientation - people cannot find necessary article at all. Therefore we decided to use the latin symbols for ö and i evrywere. As to mixture of other symbols, that is most likely something connected with automatics. It should be corrected immediately, of course. Enye Lav 21:59, 29 нояб 2010 (YEKT)

D'où parlez-vous ce français parfait ?! Je suis impressionné.
Et pour les « p »/« р » et « с »/« c », c'est aussi une limitation technique permienne (en fait, ça n'a rien à voir avec l'ordinateur – sauf s'il est très vieux – mais avec les polices de caractères utilisées) ? Je comprends le problème pour la palochka caucasienne, mais pour ces lettres avec diacritiques supplémentaires banales de l'alphabet cyrillique, ça me dépasse !… --Budelberger 22:20, 29 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ). (De plus, les lettres ö et i latines et cyrilliques sont mélangées dans les articles ; ça pose des problèmes avec les templates.)
Enye, I think that it is possible to add some script that allows to see cyrilic «ö» and «i» like latins, and it is almost the same situation as in Sr.Wiki but much simpler. In Sr.Wiki there is one page for every article (usually on cyrillic variant of serbian) with two views: on cyrillic and latin alphabets and this view can be swithed by reader (shortly it is described here). Their problem is more serious than just to replace some letters with others, and so, in my opinion, it will be not very hard to introduce the same script into Koi.Wiki. --Emaus 08:48, 1 декаб 2010 (YEKT)

What do you (all of you) think of those pages, Шать, Тӧв and Категория:Тӧв ? --Budelberger 05:54, 30 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ).

Or Сочи (вежӧртассэз) ?… --Budelberger 09:24, 30 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ).

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Pages for numbers (0 to 9) are not correctly named :

1 (ӧтік)
2 (кык)
3 (куим)
4 (нёль)
5 (вит)
6 (квать)
7 (сизим)
8 (кыкьямыс)
9 (ӧкмыс)

A better way is to add « (лыддьӧс) » to them, and then, to explain :

1 (лыддьӧс)
1 (язьвин: ӧтык) — лыддьӧс нуль да кык (or көк ? see 2 (кык).) коласын.

Budelberger 19:37, 29 нояб 2010 (YEKT) ( ).

In biggest wikipedias these arclicles are named as you propose. A pronounced variants (like "ӧтік") can be designed as redirect to these articles.
P.S. "көк" and "ӧтык" are dialectual forms from komi-yazvin. --Emaus 09:03, 1 декаб 2010 (YEKT)
1 (лыддьӧс), 2 (лыддьӧс), 3 (лыддьӧс)… are less dialectal forms… --Budelberger 00:24, 2 декаб 2010 (YEKT) ( ).


Can you first create those redirections ? (See EmausBot's Page.)

Budelberger 04:10, 26 юнь 2011 (YEKST).