Обсуждение участника:Permian: различия между версиями

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::::I support the « ’ » too, but I would like just to note that both characters are used in Wikipedia to date… [[Участник:Enye Lav|Enye Lav]] 17:07, 24 юнь 2011 (YEKST)
::::::OK! It will be great! I have no complaints about the article! It’s just what we need.
::::::The “comma” instead of a “dash” is more expressive, because the dash can be associated with the number 1 (handwritten), while the comma remember the stylized '''т''' (or in zyrian a main variant of handwritten '''д'''), that's spoken at the end of the ordinal suffix.
::::::You are right: the puristic month names have the structure: season + suffix – -'''одз''' (beginning), -'''шӧр''' (middle), -'''пом''' (end).
::::::Waiting for your English text [[Участник:Permian|Permian]] 18:04, 24 юнь 2011 (YEKST)