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невн. (r2.6.1) (робот содтiс: ab, ace, af, ak, als, am, an, ang, ar, arc, as, ast, av, ay, az, ba, bar, bat-smg, bcl, be, be-x-old, bg, bh, bi, bm, bpy, bs, bug, bxr, ca, ceb, ch, chr, chy, cr, cs, da, de, dz, ee, el, eml, en, eo, es, et, eu, fa,)
'''This bot belongs to [[:no:Bruker:Cocu|Cocu]] from the [[:no:Portal:Forside|Norwegian Wikipedia]]'''<br />
It uses standard pywikipedia for adding interwiki links in the main and category namespace<br />
Feel free to contact me on my [[:no:Brukerdiskusjon:Cocu|my talk page]] if there is any problem with the bot