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Emaus (сёрнитан | пуктöм)
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Enye Lav (сёрнитан | пуктöм)
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== Interwiki ==
I'll start to change them today's evening. --[[Участник:Emaus|Emaus]] 09:05, 1 декаб 2010 (YEKT)
Dear friends! I don’t understand the programming (I’m just a Komi linguist teaching the Komi-Permyak language at the university of Gottingen). Therefore I completely rely on you in the technical questions. I want only to acquaint you with an actual situation in the Region Perm.
The majority of the Komi-Permyak society uses old operational systems (e.g. XP) and browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer 7). All of our computers are localized for Russian. But there is a support for standard roman types, thence the latin ö and i are available for us, while the cyrillic ö is seen as a Quadrant. The cyrillic ö has appeared only at the advanced offices.
The latin letter ö (as the latin i – because only these two letters of the Komi language are not present in the Russian alphabet) is used in a Komi text by everyone who write on a computer in Permyak (and in Zyrian, too).
By using Google to search a Komi text our people type (and will type) cyrillic words with latin letters anyway. New articles in the Wikipedia will be written with the latin ö and i, too: the habit will hardly quickly refuse even after updating the office.
So, for transition to cyrillic ö as a whole it’ll be necessary to update all our computers and to persuade people to refuse their habit to use the latin letters. Besides we must to make replacements in all Word documents containing in the Permyak text the latin letters (now all the Komi-Permyak literature is already converted into Word doc).
Now, before you'll start to change, I wont to notice:
1) it is necessary to reach uniformity (i.e. if you enter cyrillic letters, replace the latin ones everywhere) – the sad experience of the Zyrian Wikipedia must not be repeated,
2) it is necessary to make so, that by searching of a komi text with latin ö and i in Google and other search systems, there was a link to appropriating document of the Wikipedia with cyrillic ö and i,
3) it is necessary to enter the automatically replacing of the latin ö and i with cyrillic equivalents in every new article and edition appearing.
It’ll be probably a complex task, but if it will not be made, the sense of the Permyak Wikipedia as an actual information system will be lost.
[[Участник:Enye Lav|Enye Lav]] 02:26, 2 декаб 2010 (YEKT)